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Oh my Goth by AuriliteMoxy Oh my Goth :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 0 Lone tree winter scene by AuriliteMoxy Lone tree winter scene :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 2 2 Fantasy Anvil by AuriliteMoxy Fantasy Anvil :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 2 0 We don't need no water... by AuriliteMoxy We don't need no water... :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 3 3 Walkway over the Water by AuriliteMoxy Walkway over the Water :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 2 0
Some guys build their own demise.
Sometimes I wonder why they even try.
Then there is you, my dear.
You know I know what you're about so let me make it clear.
Always trying to figure me out when you can't even face yourself.
One day there is going to be a change that is for certain.
You might find that the only real thing in life was the very thing you left behind.
I find the way to my soul through my imperfections.
You don't see it but I do.
Just take a good look for once outside of you.
One day I saw a diamond in the rough.
He said he had just about enough of life.
I started to realize the life I lead is not bona fide.
There are so many times I get confused when I think about it.
Why do I waste my time dwelling on this insignificant shit?
Often the thinking forces me into the waiting oblivion I've eluded all my life.
Now it is you telling me "I told you so"
Now it is me wondering: why can't I just let it go?
I don't know why it makes no sense to make this much sense.
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 1 0
Mature content
The World Thru My Eyes :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 1 0
Where in the world am I?
Where in the World Am I?
     Do you see me coming around the corner.
     Do you see my hands trembling out to you.
     Do you even care about how I got this way.
     It appears you are smiling as you walk away.
     Would it be for me like another day?
     Could it have ever turned out another way?
     It isn't clear why the stars dominate the sky.
     I can only wonder, "Where in the world am I?"
     Under my skin I can still feel the wretched things within.
     Crawling and laying eggs beneathe my veins.
     One of these days I feel they will hatch and escape my flesh
     That would be the most beautiful sacrifice...
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 0
Big Picture, Small Frame
Big Picture, Small Frame
It doesnt take long before it comes.
It doesn't seem wrong when it does.
Before you know it, somebodys got a gun.
Before you know it, it's already been done.
Isn't it frightening when it happens?
Does it shake you to the very core?
There isn't any rhyme or reason to it.
Though it hardly makes a difference anymore.
Violence in the streets and broken homes everywhere.
Forces of nature intervene, then we unite as if we care.
There seems to be a double standard to all of this.
An image comes to mind of Uncle Sam clenching his iron fist.
You have your ideals displayed for everyone to see.
Project it with a spotlight out across the sky and celebrate
your own idiocy.
Just don't be too surprised if your attempts are ignored.
After all your efforts and rehearsed lines, you forgot to plug
in the cord.

:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 1 3
A Tempting Offer
A Tempting Offer
Your bones hide the truth deep within.
Something locked inside keeps it well hidden.
Your mind is filled with a cacophony of sinful screams.
It keeps the silence well-contained while you unravel at the seams.
I must admit it is a tempting offer to leave you.
I must descend into this self-refutation again.
I must comfort the demons you call your own now.
If I act prematurely, surely the demons will win again.
Your lack of vision makes me want to teach you everything.
Though my lack of knowledge doesn't help in this case.
Forseeing the future is like seeing the coming storm before it
A tempting offer but I choose to wait.
I won't run to shelter while the others suffer.
I won't run to shelter while you run for cover.
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 0
Shut your mouth
Shut your mouth
I walk the line for you.
I break my back for you.
All you can do is bitch.
I make the decision to ditch you.
Shut your mouth before something flies out.
Shut your mouth before you remove all doubt.
Just shut up before I shut you down.
I take the knife for you.
I take what you do.
I grabbed the chalice and threw it in your face.
Now tell me how does it feel with that on your face?
I shut you down.
You are not me.
I shut you down hard.

-B.M. Walker
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 3
There is a place I like to go.
Just thought you'd like to know.
There is a place I like to stay.
If only it could forever stay that way.
As you can see, this life we lead is just a dream.
Can you believe that everything is meant for something?
Did it ever occur to you that the people you once knew have changed?
Does it ever surprise you when your hope starts to fade?
I know a way that you can escape all of this.
Simply jump inside my head and I'll hide you there.
You don't need to think about it.
Just take the time to come inside my mind.
So many times you ask why oh why.
Can the answers be found to all your stupid questions?
Time is not on our side when time has clearly passed us by.
Yet you won't climb inside.
  Why do I even bother trying to help you?
  When all I need is you inside my head and all you can do is refuse?
  You can never come up with a good excuse.
  If nothing is all you've got to live for, then what do yo
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 1 5
Updated Gun Death Scene by AuriliteMoxy Updated Gun Death Scene :iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 0
Closer Than A Mirror
Closer Than A Mirror
How can I live?
If living is with fear?
I am scared.
Too scared to stay here.
I am scared.
Too scared for the mirror.
He spends all of his days in fear.
The answers become less clear as he hides.
He spends all of his money to be endured.
All of his friends call him from outside.
What has he got to say to them that they can't get over?
It is reciprocal.
Fear is a projected beam from my head.
I am a subject brought back from the dead.
I listen to the voices and act on what is said.
Now they are quiet and I want to go to bed.
But the voices do not give up their assault,
so I must give in.
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 1 0
Sought For, Not Found
Sought For, Not Found
There are dead people living in the water.
There are monsters in the sea.
There are many people who found out this.
Many people like you and me.
There are morons on every street corner.
Many more fester underneathe the fresh Autumn moon.
There are skeptics in each coffee house.
Make sure you order the decaffeinated brew.
There are people lost in the swing of things.
There are people found within the calm it brings.
There are thousands unspoken who need to be spoken for.
There are thousands holding on to hope unaware of whats in store.
There are many things you cannot understand that go on around you.
There was a war that took place among the true races and somebody died.
Wasn't you, nor me, but then who am I to disagree?
There are still possibilities for you and me.
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 2
Learning the Hard Way
Learning the Hard Way
Somehow I know I've been here before.
Things feel so familiar to me right now.
Could it be remnants of past dreams or something more?
My toleration of this situation is quickly fading out.
Faces and places surface to the forefront of my mind.
What memories are these?
Countless mocking visages appear from time to time, disappearing.
Then when they return they bring with them much grief for me.
Great, just what I need more needless suffering.
What can I say?
Other than I'm learning the hard way.
What can I do?
Besides it's just a case of deja vu.
Have you ever felt that you've been here before?
Do you walk around town asking strangers for the cure?
When they shun you, do you ever wonder what for?
Just know, you're not alone.
:iconaurilitemoxy:AuriliteMoxy 0 1

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EVE contest entery by enyon EVE contest entery :iconenyon:enyon 1 3
       I seriously think he had no grasp on the concept of how freaking hot he was.  To everyone else, he was just another boy.  He wasn't the sexiest in the school, that was Justin, but he was probably the hottest boy I've ever seen.
       He was my best friend.  I've always called him Joss, and so does everyone else now.  His real name is Joshua, but that's so boring.  Josh has also run its course.  So, I prefer Joss. I think it's so much cuter than Joshua.  Joss Stone.  Such a freaking sexy name.
       As for being such great friends, I can't ever help but to want to spend a lot of time with him.  We don't really see each other much, but when we do, we have a great time.  But when we hang out, it's so difficult for me, because I just want to touch his smooth face, his slen
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Mature content
Tattoos and Silk- Progress :icontaellosse:Taellosse 6 14
Mature content
End :iconsparky386:sparky386 2 4
Part 1...
She whispers as she walks away from that memory.
"I wish I could be the one, the one that could care."
The riffs in her brain make her dance in an unordinary way.
Nothing will change her, however much she wishes.
Star bracelets and black eye liner will never leave her.
Jumping, being happy, but not caring.
"I wish I could be the one, the one that could care."
As there is no guidance it just hurts her.
But kills everyone who understands.
But no-one does,
So there isn't any point.
Leaves of green above her misty head,
Thinking about nothing and no-one,
But every-thing and every-one.
Smelling the scent of her self which everyone loves.
She whispers as she stares at the stars.
"I wish I could be the one, the one that could care."
The storm begins and she gets wet,
She couldn't care less,
As she sits a waits for nothing,
Whilst she sits and whispers,
"I wish I could be the one, the one that could care."
When she knows this day will be her funeralů
:iconsoulesspandora:soulesspandora 2 3


Back in the saddle again! Sans a horse..
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